Rundachse zur Beschriftung <br>von umlaufenden Konturen.Schnelles und berührungsloses <br>Beschriften auf allen Materialien.Schnelle Herstellung <br>von geometrisch <br>definierten Schneiden.Aufspannpalette für <br>das Zuschneiden von <br>PKD- und CVD-Ronden.

Innovative, individual and intelligent laser systems tailor-made

Light and precison are our passion. We develop and produce laser machining systems for industrial manufacturing.

Products and solutions:

Marking, engraving, welding, ablation or cutting - RayLasers from LASERPLUSS ensure the greatest precision and maximum operating efficiency in many industrial processes. Our standard systems provide the right answers to the needs of a large variety of industry sectors.

Production processes are as different as companies themselves. We will show you what precision laser processing can achieve within your production and develop tailor-made solutions to match your needs. In this way, you will increase your production capacity and efficiency thanks to laser technology from LASERPLUSS.

We specialise in customised laser system solutions - from the choice of the laser to the development of individual systems for your production.


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RayCutter 2.0

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